About Us

What is Our Mission

RDRC’s mission, through the RDRP Stage II, is to ensure that all the demobilized ex-combatants (XCs) are socially and economically reintegrated successfully into their communities of return by embracing the following guiding principles:
In the interest of reconciliation, all XCs, irrespective of previous military affiliation, receive appropriate assistance from the Program;
XCs are free to choose their community of settlement and their path to economic reintegration.

What Are Our Objectives

The program objectives, as amended in 2006, are:
Demobilize and support the transition to civilian life of 20,000 military of the Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) and 16,000 combatants of the Rwandan armed groups (AGs), including 1,600 child ex-combatants;
In the spirit of the Arusha Peace Accord, support the reintegration of 13,000 ex-FAR who remained in Rwanda after 1994;
Support the social and economic reintegration of all XCs to be demobilized in stage II and all XCs from stage I who remain socially and economically vulnerable;
Since June 2005, support the repatriation and reinsertion of an estimated 9,300 dependents of the ex-AGs; and
Facilitate the reallocation of Government expenditures from military to social and economic sectors.
The international community as represented in Kigali follows closely the repatriation, demobilization and reintegration of all XCs and their dependents to Rwanda.
The RDRC set up a Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) with an objective of bringing together key national and international partners, and acts as a conduit to the larger group of stakeholders, technical advice to RDRC on planned activities and monitoring of program implementation.

Who Finances Us

The RDRP’s total budget of an equivalent of US$53.7 million is financed in various currencies through the following mechanisms:
The World Bank / International Development Assistance (IDA) – US$28.7 million, composed of a credit of US$17.9 million and a grant of US$10.8 million;
Grant from the Multi-donors Trust Fund (MDTF), including 11 donor countries – US$14.4 million;
Government of Rwanda - at least US$ 2.7 million; and
Bilateral financing by United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) - US$8.8 million; and by the German Government through the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau  (KWF) – US$2.7 million .

Service Charter