Guiding Principles

The Government of Rwanda adopted the following guiding principles of the TS:


1.      In the interest of national security and reconciliation, the TS targets all ex-combatants irrespective of previous military affiliation;


2.      The TS allows ex-combatants to choose their community of settlement and path to economic reintegration;


3.      To ensure consistency and fairness, all assistance to ex-combatants will be provided through the TS and supervised by the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC);


4.      Reintegration assistance will seek to foster community participation;


5.      The RDRC relies on existing Government structures to the extent possible in order to build sustainable capacities beyond the program’s duration;


6.      Pension and social security issues for ex-RDF are addressed outside the RDRP, in accordance with their respective terms and conditions of service.