Goal and Objectives of RDRP Stage III

The overarching goal of the RDRP Stage III is to contribute to consolidate peace and stability in the Great Lakes Region (especially in Rwanda and DRC) through the completion of the DDR process for the remaining Rwandan Armed Groups and the further reduction in size of the Rwandan Defence Forces.

The main objectives will be achieved through this intervention. These are

  • ·         Demobilize members of armed groups of Rwandan origin and members of the Rwandan Defense Forces; and
  • ·         Provide socio-economic reintegration support to said members following demobilization, with a particular focus on the provision of such support to female, child, and disabled ex-combatants. Specifically, the project will
  •  ·         Demobilize an estimated 5,500 members of armed groups, 4,000 members of the Rwanda Defense Forces;
  •  ·         Provide reinsertion support for these demobilized along with approximately 10,000 family members of armed groups;
  • ·         Provide social and economic reintegration assistance to the newly demobilized as well as up to 400 previous beneficiaries who did not receive support, with emphasis on children and the severely disabled.
  •  ·         The Project will also seek to mainstream these ex-combatant support services within existing government and other stakeholder programs

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency in attainment of the above objectives, the management and implementation mechanisms for the proposed programme will be reviewed to match to the remaining workload, while allowing for a process of systematic integration into mainstream planning and support within the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) framework.