THE RDRC Background

The Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RDRC) was created in 1997 by a Cabinet decision and approved by a Presidential Decree No.37/01 of 09/04/2002 instituting the Commission in order to support the design, implementation and administration of the Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Programme.  The presidential Decree has been repealed by the Law N°50/2015 of 14/12/2015 establishing Rwanda Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission and determining its responsibilities, organisation and functioning.


The mandate of RDRC is to facilitate the reinsertion and reintegration of the former military member to empower him/her to develop him/herself and contribute to the comprehensive development of the country.

The RDRC has the following responsibilities:


  • To receive and carry out social reinsertion and reintegration of former members of Rwanda Defence Forces placed at its disposal by the relevant organ;


  • To receive, demobilise and carry out social reinsertion and reintegration of former member of the national army before 19 July 1994 or a former member of any other armed group who is repatriated;


  • To advocate for the initiatives meant for former military members with disability and follow up the implementation of such initiatives;


  • To advise the Government on the policy of demobilization, social reinsertion and reintegration of former military members;


  • To coordinate the actions of all Government organs and all stakeholders working with RDRC on matters related to the demobilization, reinsertion and reintegration of former military members;


  • To carry out such other activities as may be required for the achievement of its mission.


The RDRC is assisted by a Technical Secretariat (TS) in charge of execution of program activities in order to achieve its mission.

Technical Secretariat’s mission


The Technical Secretariat’s mission is to support successful demobilization, social and economic reintegration of ex-combatants in their respective communities so as to realize national security, reconciliation, and development through demobilizing ex-combatants and supporting their social and economic reintegration into communities of their own choice for a fresh start.

Background Objectives


The objective of the TS is to:


  1. Demobilise members of armed groups of Rwandan origin as they repatriate, and members of Rwanda Defence Forces; and
  2. Provide socioeconomic reintegration support to said members following demobilization, with a particular focus on the provision of such support to female, child and disabled ex-combatants.