Sudanese delegation Visits RDRC

The RDRC Secretary General Mr. Musoni Francis, lectures the Sudanese delegation in the RDRC Conference room on 1st, October, 2018.

In a group photo are; RDRC officials and the Sudanese delegation, during their visit at the RDRC Head Quarters on 1st, October, 2018.

RDRC hosts Sudanese delegation

The Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC) hosted the Sudanese delegation who visited the Commission in an attempt to learn from RDRC best practices in regard with demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants.

In her opening remarks, the RDRC Chairperson Madam Mukantabana Seraphine commended the Sudanese for choosing to learn from Rwanda. "I thank you very much for choosing Rwanda as a fountain of knowledge and experiences. This is really a sign of trust. Remember we are all Africans and therefore we have something in common", Seraphine said and added: "As a commission we shall do what is necessary to enable Sudanese build peace. We hope this will contribute to peace and stability among Sudanese.

She remarked that peace is prerequisite in any developing country. She urged them to pass over the good news to the North and Sothern Sudan for the sake of peace and stability in their countries. She noted that the Commission has registered tremendous achievements which the foreign countries should take and apply it to their respective countries.

For his part, the Director for planning and coordination -SDDRC Dr. Mohammed Zainelabdin hailed RDRC for sharing with Sudanese knowledge and experience. "On behalf of Sudanese, I would like to thank the people of Rwanda in particular RDRC for sharing with us knowledge. We have learnt and shared a lot of experiences with our Rwandan counterparts. I am very much optimistic that Sudan will succeed in peace and stability in the region," Mohammed said.

Earlier during the meeting, Commissioner Brig. Gen Peter John Bagabo gave a cordial welcome to the Sudan delegation, saying it was a great pleasure to interact with them to share knowledge and experience. "You are welcome to Rwanda. We are glad to be with you and we shall share with you our experiences and knowledge," Bagabo said.

Mr. Francis Musoni, the RDRC Secretary General noted that the RDRC has registered tremendous achievements in line with demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in the country. He attributed the success story to national ownership, equal opportunities for ex-combatants and innovation. He remarked that the ex-combatants activities are visible in the community.


During their final leg in Rwanda, the Sudanese toured The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide ( CNLG).  They were welcomed by The Principal Legal Adviser of CNLG Dr.Diogene Bideri who urged them to apply the knowledge acquired from Rwanda in an attempt to build comprehensive structures that relate to peace and stability. "Rwanda has good DDR activities. You should therefore take the knowledge acquired to Sudan. I am quite sure this will yield positive results", Dr. Diogene was quoted as saying.

"I have fallen in love with Rwanda. I have admired this country because I have learnt a lot in terms of peace building and conflict transformation. I will pass this knowledge to the rest in community once I return back to Khartoum" said Ms Walla Shaildn Ahmed, the Reintegration officer ?SDDRC.


Notably, the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission has been lauded by global peace scientists for having in place successful demobilization and reintegration activities. This is because ever since its inception, the Commission has received grate number of peace scientists, scholars, researchers, and conflict countries from across the globe coming to learn from the best practices in regard with demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants.