Disabled ex-combatants from Nyarugunga settlement site attend a sensitization meeting.

The RDRC Commissioner, Brig.Gen John Peter Bagabo addresses a meeting for disabled ex-combatants at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on 27th, August 2018.















The RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali Brig. Gen. Peter John Bagabo reminded the disabled ex-combatants who attended a one-day sensitization meeting at Nyarugunga Production Workshop that they should make every effort to be exemplary where they live in their settlements to show that they are thankful to the leadership of their country which loves them.

He said a demobilized soldier should be disciplined and wise enough to live in conformity with the laws that govern the country. "You should be the ones to make sure that your communities are peaceful, and keeping high your discipline. You are supposed to be good cadres and an eye opener for your country. Once you fulfill this it will lead you to holistic development", Bagabo said, adding that they should not indulge themselves in illicit practices and drug abuse. "Keep your lives clean and be good citizens to honor our leadership that loves its people", he remarked. 

He also advised the beneficiary to desist from taking alcohol and focus on what would lead them to meaningful life.

Talking to disabled ex-combatants during the meeting at Nyarugunga Production Workshop is (Rtd) Sgt John Ndekezi. The meeting took place on August, 27th 2018.

Disabled ex-combatants reactions:


(Rtd) Sgt   John   Ndekezi who talked on behalf of the disabled ex-combatants supplemented the ideas given out by Commissioner Peter John Bagabo. He remarked that the ex-combatants should have discipline and desist from consuming illicit drugs. He appealed to his fellow ex-combatants to stand up and work towards fighting against illicit drugs. 

 (Rtd) Cpl   Sekindi Adolf commended the Commission for sensitizing its beneficiaries for the sake of living decent lives. He remarked that the knowledge acquired during the meeting will be passed to the rest in the community.

"We shall adhere to what Commissioner John Bagabo says. I hope once we practice what he has taught us all will be well", said (Rtd) Cpl Niyomugabo Innocent.

  (Rtd) Private    Ndungutse Nshizirungu echoed similar sentiments.  He says that all will be well once the ex-combatants practice positive things. "Let us unit as a team and fight illicit drugs in our homes. We need to do it as soon as possible, otherwise our families are not safe," he said.