51 members of Ex-Armed Groups phase 63 discharged

Members of Ex-Armed Groups gathered at Mutobo Demobilization Centre during the Discharge ceremony held on 14th, June, 2018.












 51 members of Ex-armed Groups' phase 63 were discharged from Mutobo Demobilization Centre in Musanze District on   14th, June, 2018 in a colorful ceremony that brought together RDRC partners, local officials and area residents.

Addressing a colorful ceremony, the Chairperson of Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, Madam Mukantabana Seraphine commended members of Ex-armed Groups for a wise decision taken to return back home. She said this while delivering a message at Mutobo discharge ceremony which had brought together hundreds of people from different walks.

The ceremony that witnessed 51 members of Ex-armed Groups phase 63 being discharged, and awarded certificates after completing a three-month Pre-Discharge Orientation Programme, was attended by among others, local officials,  RDRC Commissioners, partners, stake holders and area residents.

"I thank you very much for returning back home. You really made a wise decision to return", Mukantabana said, and added: "The country is very happy to receive you back home. Rwanda is your mother land, you should therefore feel free and help your country to repatriate the innocent children who are languishing in the jungles of DR Congo".  

She also informed the audience that the Commission is working vigorously to repatriate all members of Armed Groups from the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She urged the ex-combatants to love their country and join others in the community to reconstruct the country.  She further appealed to members of Armed Groups who remained holed up in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo to lay down their arms and voluntarily repatriate to Rwanda their home land.

The Executive Secretary of the Northern Province Mr.  Jabo Paul welcomed members of ex-armed groups back home. "You are warmly welcome. This is an opportunity for you because the country loves you and it is ready to reintegrate you. As a Province, we shall do what is necessary and reintegrate you in the community", Jabo was quoted as saying.

 He also commended the Rwandan Demobilization and Reintegration Commission for the excellent work done in regard to peace building and conflict transformation in the region.

 He remarked that the RDRC has done a commendable job to the country and the world which he said has caused to efficient   demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in the region.

Ex- combatants' voice:

(Rtd) Cpt Twisenge Jean, aged 42 who talked on behalf of members of ex-armed groups told the gathering that they feared to return back home because they were being fed on propaganda while in the jungles of DR Congo. "They used to tell us that once you stepped your feet on Rwandan soil the Rwandan soldiers would kill you. It was through my wife Madam Rukundo Angelique that I got assurance that the information given to us was false. My wife sensitized me with facts on the ground and I decided to return back home", he said.  Also, he remarked that staying in the bush for so long had cost their lives and time. "We were misled while in the jungles of DR Congo, and this has caused us to over stay in the jungles miserably hence costing our lives and time", he said.

He appealed to members of armed groups who remained holed up in the jungles of Democratic Republic of Congo to repatriate. "Our country is peaceful and lovely, please; come back home,"Twisenge pleaded while giving his testimony to the congregation.

Rukundo Angelique aged 28 is a wife to Rtd Cpt Twisenge.  She hails the Rwanda government for loving her family. "Thanks to the government of national unity. It opened us gates for returning back home. My family returned back in the country safely and we are now living a peaceful life with my husband", she says. Rukundo vowed she will continue supporting government programs and contribute to national development in her community found in Cyanzarwe Sector in Rubavu District.

(Rtd) Sgt, Thomas Simbankabo aged 45yrs is another member of ex-armed group who was discharged during the event. He echoed similar sentiments and commended the Commission for supporting ex-combatants who repatriated from DR Congo.  "The Commission is really a mother to us. It facilitated us together with our wives and children when we were at Mutobo Demobilization Centre. Long live RDRC, and long live Rwanda," he said.

(Rtd) Cpl Eric Habakubaho aged 34 says he will practice what he learnt from the Centre. "I acquired tangible knowledge and skills, which I will use to develop my family and community"

The RDRC Chairperson, Madam Mukantabana Seraphine makes a keynote address during the Mutobo Discharge ceremony held on 14th June, 2018.

The Executive Secretary of the Northern Mr. Jabo Paul addressing Mutobo Discharge ceremony on 14th, June, 2018.

The RDRC Chairperson Madam Mukantabana Seraphine (L) gives out a certificate to one of the 51 members of the ex-armed groups who were discharged on 14th June, 2018 at Mutobo Demobilization Centre.  

A staff from MONUSCO Goma, hands over a certificate to one of the members of Ex-Armed Groups who were discharged at Mutobo Demobilization Centre on 14th June, 2018.

One of the RDRC partners hands over a certificate to an ex-combatant during the Mutobo Discharge Ceremony that took place on 14th, June, 2018.

RDRC officials and partners in a group photo with members of Ex-Armed Groups immediately after the discharge ceremony held on 14th, June, 2018 at Mutobo Demobilization Centre.