RDRC staff members attend a ten-day Workshop on Motivational Interviewing and Trauma consequences.

Dr. Brock Chisholm a clinical Psychologist gives lectures to RDRC staff members and partners in health during a workshop at RDRC main Hall.














The RDRC commenced a ten-day workshop to train 23 staff members, four partners from Ndera Psychiatric Hospital and two partners from Huye Isange Rehabilitation Centre.  The training that started on 2nd to 18th May, 2018 was aimed at passing knowledge on Mental Health to participants on Motivational Interviewing and Trauma refresher training.

Opening the workshop, the RDRC Commissioner, Brig. Gen Peter Bagabo welcomed the workshop and observed that it was timely for RDRC staff to learn more skills that would help them deal with mental and trauma cases which have become rampant in ex-combatants lives. He remarked that most of ex-combatants are traumatized as a result of war and Genocide. He appealed to Vivo International to train well the staff for the sake of ending post traumatic disorders among the ex-combatants.

For his part, the Secretary General Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission Mr. Francis Musoni echoed similar sentiments. He urged participants to follow well the training to acquire tangible skills and Knowledge for overcoming ex-combatants problems.  "Once you practice this it will enable the Commission to execute good work towards reintegration of ex-combatants", Musoni said.

Dr. Brock Chilsholm, a consultant in Clinical Psychology said all will be communicated to the workshop. He requested participants to share notice and experience for the sake of coming up with excellent training. He pledged to pass on well tangible knowledge in clinical psychology to participants.

Twizeyimana Angelo, one of the participants, and a Clinical Psychologist at RDRC Medical Rehabilitation Unit commended the training:  "I am very thankful to this training. We have acquired new skills in clinical psychology.  I would term this as a blessing to Rwandans since it is a new approach. I believe this will enhance my knowledge in the day to day of ex-combatants activities", he remarked.

"I have acquired all the necessary skills to handle Trauma and drug abuse cases. I hope to give a hand to my fellow Rwandans with cases of Trauma", said Francois Munyaneza a Psychologist from Huye Isange Rehabilitation Centre.

Madam Uwizeyimana Albertine from Ndera Psychiatric Hospital appreciated what she learnt from the training. She says she will apply the knowledge acquired during the training to the ex-combatants and other people in the community.