RDRC winds up country-wide mentorship on beneficiaries IGAs, and psychosocial support and sensitization on social cohesion and Cooperatives.

The Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC) has effectively completed an eight-day assessment of ex-combatants’ reintegration activities country-wide.

The aim of the activity was among others; to assess the impact of economic support that was given to Ex-Armed Groups phase 65 and their dependents, encourage ex-combatants join cooperatives as well as give them Psychosocial support.

During the same tour, RDRC staff analyzed ex-combatants’ social cohesion in their reintegrated communities in order to identify their challenges and find a remedy.

Ahead of the country-wide activity, the RDRC Chairperson Madam Nyirahabineza Valerie, who also over sees Western Province, reaffirmed the Commission’s \ commitment to improving the livelihoods of ex-combatants in their reintegration process in order to foster national peace and security.

She urged RDRC staff to be vigilant during the field activity, and adhere to health guidelines for fighting Covid -19 pandemic.

Brig. Gen. John Bagabo, the RDRC Commissioner in charge of City of Kigali, advised the ex-combatants to live exemplary lives, and to exhibit discipline which he said would help them to tap and enjoy the fruits of the nation.

The RDRC Commissioner in charge of Northern Province, Mr. Fred Nyamurangwa echoed similar sentiments, appealing to RDRC field staff to always love the people they serve, in fulfillment of the Commission’s objectives.

He also urged them to sensitize beneficiaries on national programs which he said would guarantee them a bright future.

The RDRC Commissioner in charge of Eastern Province, Mr. Mutarambirwa Elie reassured the ex-combatants that the Commission will do its best to empower them with vocational skills to facilitate their reintegration in the community.

He also advised them to work hard for their individual and national development.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. David Munyurangabo, who oversees the Southern Province, told beneficiaries in Nyanza District to be good citizens, to love their country and support Ndumunyarwanda program for national unity and reconciliation.

members of Ex-Armed Groups reintegrated in the Northern Province inspects his Irish potato project during an assessment carried on 23rd, March 2021. The project has helped develop his family and area residents.

(Rtd) Cpl, Higiro Fabien, a vulnerable ex-combatant, flanked by RDRC staff during an assessment activity held at his business place in Nyabugogo Market on 22nd, March 2021.

Members of Indatwa Cooperative pose for a group photo at their offices in Gisozi, during the assessment activity held on 22nd, March 2021.

The President of Kusanya Nguvu Mahama Reserve Force Cooperative, (Rtd) Cpl Mutsinzi John, inspects agricultural activities on the Cooperative’s 40-hector land in Mahama Sector in Kirehe District, in the Eastern Province on 25th, March 2021.


Members of ex-combatants Cooperative (KUCOKI) pose for a photo at their office in Kirehe town on 25th, March 2021.


A member of ex-Armed group, Cpl Nsenbyumva Celestin (L) together with Hitimana Claude, one of the area residents, standing in front of Celestin’s Passion fruit project in Mubuga village, Kayonza District on 26th, March. 2021.

 Celestin Nsenbyumva a member of Ex-Armed Group works on his sorghum farm in Kayonza District recently.

An ex-armed group, private Sibomana Tadeo (R) feeds his cow at their home in Nyagasambu, in Rwamagana District on 30th March, 2021.   Left is his dear wife, Madam Vestina Bazubagira.

In the picture is Mukundabantu Damie a dependent of Armed Group feeding his pigs  in Rwemiyaga Sector in Nyagatare Distrist in the Eastern Province  on 24th  , March. 2021.

Ayinkamiye Beatha, a dependent of ex-armed group, feeds her cow during an assessment activity for economic support given to members of ex-armed groups phase 65 and their dependents. She was captured in Kayenzi Sector, in Kamonyi District on 30th, March 2021.

Beneficiaries voice:

(Rtd) Cpl John Mutsinzi, the president of Kusanya Nguvu Cooperative in Kirehe District in the Eastern Province commended the RDRC and the government in particular for effective reintegration of ex-combatants in the community. He said about 51 ex-combatants and two hundred civilians are benefiting from a cooperative that was supported by RDRC. "Our cooperative has benefited both ex-combatants and area residents through agriculture. He said the initiative has improved their livelihoods and reduced poverty among community members.

"The work is being done well on a 40- hector land and we are very much optimistic that we shall get good returns during harvesting periods.”

Ex-armed group Ajed Chef Sembvunva Celestin, from Mubuga Sector in Kayonza District in the Eastern Province hailed the Commission for giving him a reintegration package. He also thanked the Commission for the economic support given to them though he said the progress was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Uwineza Christine area resident from Mahama Sector in Kirehe District lauded RDRC for supporting ex-combatants who in turn employed hundreds of area residents on the agricultural land. She said as a mother of three, the project has financially supported her family. “My appreciation goes to the Commission. We highly appreciate the way it cares for its beneficiaries", she said.

(Rtd) Private Higiro Fabien from Nyabugogo in the City of Kigali hailed the RDRC and the Rwanda government for effectively reintegrating the ex-combatants and their families in the community.

Ex-armed group, private Hitimana Janvier from Busasamana Sector in Nyanza District commended the Commission for successfully organizing an assessment activity for ex-combatants. He said it sensitized them towards working hard for holistic development.

Ex-armed group, Cpl Silvestre Uwambaza from Taba Village in Huye District said all the financial support he got from the Commission was hit by Covid -19 pandemic.  He requested the Commission to support the ex-combatants who were affected by the Covid -19 pandemic.

Mukundabantu Damie, a dependent of ex-armed group from Rwemiyaga in Nyagatare District in the Eastern Province commended both the government and the Commission for giving dependents extra -care. He made a call to those who remained holed up in the jungles of DR Congo to repatriate since he found the country peaceful and lovely.

Ayinkamiye Beatha, a dependent of ex-armed group, from Kayenzi Sector in Kamonyi District in the Southern Province appreciates what the Commission does for beneficiaries. She applauded RDRC for the economic support offered to beneficiaries’ countrywide.

Muhoza Maria, a dependent of ex-armed group from Kinigi in Musanze District thanked the Commission for the economic support given to her. She said the support got from the Commission was used to enroll for vocational skills training. She added she would use the remaining funds to purchase a sewing machine after the completion of vocational skills training.

Ndayambaje Elvis a refugee from Burundi who happens to be a prefect of a local group working on ex-combatants’ 40-hector land in Mahama Sector in Kirehe District thanked the government of Rwanda for allowing refugees to engage in economic activities. “It is so amazing to us. I am a refugee from Burundi, I work here as a prefect of this local group that practices agriculture on the land. We dig trenches and drainages to prevent soil erosion. We are earning a living and this has positively improved the welfare of area residents and refugees from Burundi.

Ayimana Ines, an area resident of Mahama Sector in Kirehe District who works at ex-combatants’ Cooperative land (Kusanya Nguvu Cooperative) commended the government of Rwanda for supporting the locals to fight poverty. She said she has earned a living from ex-combatants Cooperative close to three years. “I managed to buy two cows and a piece of land from the earnings I make”, said Ines.

Claude Bahati, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo lauded the government of Rwanda for treating well refugees. It is really a blessing to us. We are being catered for and this has given us life. There is no discrimination at all in this work we are doing. All people from different countries get equal opportunities”, he said.

Significantly, the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission has continued to implement program activities by improving the livelihoods of ex-combatants, disabled and chronically ill through providing them with shelter, economic support, medical care and monthly subsistence allowances. The initiative has generally improved the livelihoods of beneficiaries’ countrywide.

The RDRC beneficiaries; Ex-armed group private Mugenzi Jean and his wife Madam Mukamusonera Clairie showcase their economic project at their home in Mageragere village in Nyarugenge District on 22nd, March 2021.