Minister Sylvie BAIPO TEMON from Central African Republic appreciates RDRC achievements.

Minister Sylvie BAIPO TEMON applauds RDRC

The Minister of Foreign Affairs from Central African Republic, Hon. Sylvie BAIPO TEMON has commended the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission ( RDRC) for a good job done in regard with repatriation, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in the community.  Honorable Sylvie BAIPO said this while she was sharing experiences and knowledge with RDRC officials and staff during her courtesy call on RDRC at Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs premises. "I thank you very much for pacification of the region. It is a good signal for peace and stability in the Region”, she said and added: "We are here to exchange knowledge and experiences; this would enable our country to find a lasting solution to the armed conflict that are devastating it." She added that the knowledge acquired would help much to overcome the war in Central African Republic and enhance unity and reconciliation.

On her side, the Chairperson of Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, Madam Valerie NYIRAHABINEZA lauded the Central African Republic Minister for making a bilateral cooperation tour to Rwanda.  She told the visiting Minister that RDRC's achievements are  as a result of the country's Political will at the highest level, coupled with HE President Paul Kagame support and visionary leadership.


 The Chairperson assured the visitors that RDRC remains available and committed to working closely with them in any initiative aligned with its mandate that the Central African Republic would wish to undertake. She said: "As a commission, we shall do what is necessary to enable you acquire tangible knowledge for putting in place a responsive program for restoring peace and stability in Central African Republic".

She also reminded the delegation that two years back, RDRC was requested to send some staff members to Central African Republic for technical assistance in establishing a mechanism in charge of DDR program. In light of that, she pledged that through the Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the cooperation in the same area will be strengthened. 

The Director General in charge of Africa at Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Madam Shakilla Kazimbaya Umutoni said: "Rwanda is a peaceful and hard working country; it is this initiative that has enabled it to be a beacon of hope in Africa and beyond."

The RDRC Commissioner Brig Gen. John Bagabo, echoed similar sentiments. He said there is total peace in Rwanda as a result of good governance and strong national army. He added that cohesion of Rwandans has enabled them to develop their country. He also mentioned that there is no separation of ex-combatants, as they are all Rwandans working towards developing their mother land. Commissioner Bagabo also said effective sensitization and communication tools have contributed much in the repatriation of ex-combatants from outside the country, which he claimed has contributed to a successful DDR program in the country.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. Elie Mutarambirwa told the visitors that some of the motivating factors that encouraged massive repatriation of Ex-Armed Groups from the jungles of DR Congo were political will of the Government of Rwanda, good external partnership, decent National government programs and equal opportunities to all ex-combatants. He said the initiative has helped to break a wave of genocide ideology.

Notably, the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission is on the forefront in peace building and conflict transformation in the region and beyond. Her work style has attracted many countries, international peace scientists, war ravaged countries, NGOs, researchers, International students and foreign media to learn from tremendous achievements registered by the program.

The RDRC officials making explanations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Central African Republic, Hon. Sylvie BAIPO TEMON during a -one -day workshop held at Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs premises, on 9th, February 2021.

(Fourth left), is the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Central African Republic, Hon. Sylvie BAIPO TEMON, flanked by RDRC and Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials at Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs premises, on 9th, February 2021.