RDRC commences medical screening activity for ex-combatants in the City of Kigli.

The Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission has commenced a medical screening activity for hundreds of ex-combatants in the City of Kigali. The activity that started on November, 30th, 2020 was graced by the Chairperson of Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission, Madam Valerie Nyirahabineza. 

In her opening remarks, Hon. Valerie Nyirahabineza welcomed the ex-combatants. She urged them to be calm since all will be accorded quality health services. She urged them to be with discipline while under-going medical screening activity. 

She hails the Medical Screening Committee for a quality work it does while dispensing medical services to the beneficiaries, and pledged support where necessary. "As a Commission, we shall always continue supporting you where necessary. It is our sole responsibility to give extra support to see that our beneficiaries are well catered for," she said, and added: "The government is set to uplift the living standards of ex-combatants as envisaged in the country's development agenda."

For his part, the RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali, Brig. Gen. John Bagabo told ex-combatants to be with good morals in their day today activities. He advised them to use the support given to them well without misusing it, and develop themselves. He told them to look after their lives by committing themselves to hygiene.                                   

Mr. Fred Nyamurangwa, the RDRC Commissioner echoed similar sentiments. He told  the ex-combatants  to be disciplined and honest during the ongoing medical screening activity. He also advised them to stand up and work hard towards holistic development.

The executive Secretary of Nyarugunga Sector, Madam Uwamahoro Genevieve commended the Commission for supporting the ex-combatants on a daily basis. She said the RDRC has done a commendable job in line with demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in the community. As a local leader she pledged to continue working hand in hand with the Commission to reintegrate ex-combatants well.

She told the audience that the City of Kigali pledged to support ex-combatants in their economic activities through business development.  

On his part, the outgoing Chairman of Medical Screening Committee, Dr. Emmanuel Kagambirwa thanked the RDRC for supporting the Committee during its tenure. He remarked that they managed to accomplish their work well as a result of support rendered by the Commission. "As health practitioners we would like to thank RDRC for supporting us in our work. We managed to do effective screening and categorization of ex-combatants as a result of support given by the Commission, Dr. Kagambirwa.

He noted that the medical care is very crucial to the ex-combatants since it gives them decent life and future.

The Ex-combatants gather at Nyarugunga Production Workshop in Nyarugunga Sector for medical screening activity on 30th, Nov.2020.

The RDRC Medical Screening Committee is working to screen the ex-combatants at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on 30th, Nov.2020.

One of the disabled ex-combatants being screened at Nyarugunga on November, 30th,2020

According to the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission's data bank, about 3400 disabled ex-combatants have been screened and reintegrated in the community ever since the screening activity started in 2008. The Commission with the help of a Medical Screening Committee has categorized thousands of disabled ex-combatants in four categories. That is to say from category one to four, and this has facilitated disabled ex-combatants to be given subsistence monthly allowances on a monthly basis. They are also given free medical services and other fringe benefits. Lastly, those in categories one and two are given houses.

To note, the screening activity of ex-combatants was first carried out in 2008. It has then continued to date. This came in a wake of Rwandan law number two of January, 20th, 2007 that protects the war ex-combatants.


Voices of ex-combatants:

(Rtd) Cpl madam Odetta Muhongayire lauds the Commission for providing medical care to ex-combatants. She says the initiative has helped them to live a good life.

(Rtd) Private Sembwumva Jean from Gasabo District thanked the govenmnent of Rwanda  for loving the ex-combatnts. He says he will continue supporting government programs for the sake of holistic development. He also thanks the Commission for providing medical care to ex-combatants and pledged to be disciplined.

(Rtd),Cpl Karangwa Justus of Masaka Sector, echoed similar sentiments. He lauded the government of National Unity for loving ex-combatants. He says the government has done all it could to improve the livelihoods of ex-combatants.

(Rtd) Cpl  Mugisha Samuel from Kicukiro District hails the government for reintegrating well ex-combatants. He says the health of ex-combatants has been improved tremendously as a result of free medical health care. 

(Rtd) Sgt Ngenzi John, a disabled ex-combatant from Nyarugunga applauds the Commission for supporting ex-combatants. He appeals to other ex-combatants to stand up and thank the Commission for what it has done to ex-combatants.

The RDRC officials in a company of Medical Screening Committee brief the ex-combatants who had turned up for screening at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on November 30th, 2020.