African Leaders Professional Network donate items worth 3.5 million Rwf to disabled ex-combatants living at Masaka and Nyarugungu estates.

The RDRC received local partners from African Leaders Professionals Network (ALPN) at Masaka and Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants estates on 28th, November 2020. The ALPN which is an association of university profesionals and talented youth from all walks of life donated items to disabled ex-combatants worth 3.5million Rwandan Francs.

 For instance,  the blind ex-combatants  at Masaka disabled estate were given shop items, whereas the disabled ex-combatants at Nyarugunga estate  were given three computers  plus a modern printer to enable them work effectively and improve their livelihoods.

Addressing the audience at Nyarugunga Production Workshop, the Rwanda Demoblization and Reintegration  Commission Secretary General, Mr. Francis Musoni lauded the ALPN for supporting the RDRC beneficiaries. He said it was a great honor for the RDRC to continue receiving  partners  with deep love and humour  to support the beneficiaries.

He noted that the RDRC will continue partnering with them for the sake of improving beneficiaries livelihoods. He urged  disabled ex-combatants to use the support donated to them well for the sake of holistic development.

For his part, the Chairman of African Leaders Professionals Network, Mr. Andrew Gahire Cohen  praised  disabled ex-combatants for a big role they played when liberating the country. He said it was a blessing for the country to have such agroup of  people who sacrificed themselves to liberate the country and stop the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. He observed that the peace and stability the Rwandans are enjoying now were as a result of the blood shed by the disabled ex-combatants.

He pledged to continue parterning with the Commission for the sake of improving the welfare of  disabled ex-combatants. " The African Leaders Professionals Network will sign a five-year contract with RDRC for supporting disabled ex-combatants reintegration activities. We are going to do this, and we hope it will benefit disabled ex-combatants", Cohen said.

Mr.Ndizeye Louis, the  local leader of Kibaya cell in Nyarugunga Sector gave a cardial welcome to the local partners. He said it was timely for them to reintegrate fully the disabled ex-combatants. He echoed similar sentiments, pointing  out that the ex-combatants deserved honor and respect because they participated in the struggle to liberate the country. He appelead to other  good samaritans to support the disabled ex-combatants.

The Executive Secretary of Rwanda Civil Socierty, Mr. Nyemanzi Bosco hails the Commission for effective reintegration of ex-combatants in the community. He remarks that there is decent reintegration of ex-combatants in  the community, which he says has created peace and stability in the region.

He lauds local partners for recorgnising the role played by disabled ex-combatants during the liberation struggle. He says it is a good initiative for the local partners to support socially and economically the ex-combatants.

(Rtd) Sgt John Ndekezi, the leader of Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants thanked the ALPN for the donation. He pledged to utlize the donation well towards the development of disabled ex-combatants families.

The Chairman of African Leaders Professionals Network, Mr. Andrew Gahire Cohen,  addresses disabled ex-combatants at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on 28th, November 2020.

The RDRC  Secretary General Mr. Francis Musoni  inspects computers donated to Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants  on 28th, November 2020.

The leader of the disabled ex-combatants housed at Nyarugunga estate Mr. Ndekezi John uses a computer after it was installed at Nyarugunga Production Workshop.

Disabled ex-combatants pose for a group photo with members of ALPN and RDRC staff at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on 28th, November 2020.

Members of African Leaders Professionals Network, displays shop items donated to blind and disabled ex-combatants living in Masaka Sector in Kicukiro District on 28th, Nov.2020.

Members of African Leaders Professionals Network interact with blind ex-combatants housed at Masaka estate. The event took place on 28th, Nov.2020.


Voices of disabled ex-combatants:

(Rtd) lieutenant Ngendanumwe Augustine,the leader of blind ex-combatants living in Masaka estate hailed theAfrican Leaders Professionals Network for offering their cooperative shop items. He says their cooperative by the names of Ukwigira Cooperative will use the business items to develop the cooperative. He thanks the Commission for making a good advocacy and partnership. He appeals to all disabled ex-combatants wherever they are to work under the ambrella of their Cooperatives to develop their families.

(Rtd) Sgt John Ndekezi, of Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants estate thanked the ALPN for the donation. He says as a leader he will  utilize the donation well towards the benefit of every disabled ex-combatant. He thanks the Commission for caring after them ever since they arrived at the settlement site. "The Commission is really a mother to us. It gives us extra care. Long live Rwanda, long live RDRC", he says.

Rtd, Cpt Rutayisire Augustine of Masaka disabled estate hailed the government for loving ex-combatants. He says the government has done all it can to improve the livelihoods of ex-combatants.

Mukeshimana Odette from Masaka village has hailed the Government for reintegrating well ex-combatants. She says the blind ex-combatants are living decent lives in their houses.  

(Rtd) Cpl Nshirirungu Ndungutse, a disabled ex-combatant from Nyarugunga applauds the Commission for supporting the ex-combatants. He appeals to other ex-combatants to stand up and work hard to supplement what the government gave them.

The RDRC Secretary General, Mr. Francis Musoni welcomes the local partners at Nyarugunga Production Workshop on 28th, November 2020.