RDRC winds up an assessment of cooperatives and house occupancy for disabled ex-combatants country-wide.

The Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RDRC) has effectively assessed many cooperatives and housing units for the beneficiaries country -wide­. The activity that commenced on 21st October 2020 was winded up on 30th, October 2020.

The aim of the activity was among others; to assess the occupancy level and the houses that were constructed to beneficiaries by the RDRC, verify present categories of disabled ex-combatants, assess social-economic livelihoods of housed ex-combatants and their cooperatives as well as identifying challenges faced by vulnerable ex-combatants to enable RDRC find a lasting solution to the problems.

During her opening remarks, the RDRC Chairperson Madam Valerie Nyirahabineza said the assessment was mapped to the RDRC expectations and this will help to find a lasting solution to the problems faced by beneficiaries.  She remarked that the Commission has an obligation towards working to improve the welfare of ex-combatants reintegrated in the community.

While in Karongi District, the Chairperson who oversees the Western Province hailed the beneficiaries for adhering to the health guide lines in fighting Covid -19 pandemic. She urged the ex-combatants to convey the message to the rest in the community to overcome the pandemic. She further advised the married couples to love one another for the sake of family and community development.

For his part, the RDRC Commissioner in charge of Northern Province, Mr. Fred Nyamurangwa appealed to the beneficiaries of the Northern Province to be patriotic and embrace national programs which he said would guarantee them a bright future. He advised them to stand up and work hard towards social- economic development.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. Fred Nyamurangwa( 3rd right) flanked by ex-combatants cooperative members operating from Musanze District in the Northern Province. The activity took place on 22nd, October 2020.


The RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali, Brig. Gen John Bagabo urged disabled ex-combatants housed in Nyarugungu estates to be organized and disciplined in an attempt to live decent lives. He said; "as people who took part in the liberation of the country, they should keep the pride and live exemplary lives for others to emulate".  He assured the beneficiaries that more efforts will be put to improve their livelihoods.

Addressing the disabled ex-combatants is the RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali Brig. Gen. John Bagabo. The activity took place on 23rd, October 2020 at Rugende estates.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. Elie Mutarambirwa inspects ex-combatants cooperatives in Nyagatare district in the Eastern Province.

The RDRC Commissioner in charge of Eastern Province, Mr. Mutarambirwa Elie told the beneficiaries reintegrated in Nyagatare District that the Commission will do its best to empower ex-combatants with skills to enable them reintegrate well in the community. He advised them to work for peace and stability.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. David Munyurangabo (3rd right), listens to an ex-combatant during the assessment of Cooperatives in Nyanza District. The activity took place in October 2020.

The RDRC Commissioner Mr. David Munyurangabo, who oversees the Southern Province, echoed similar sentiments. He told beneficiaries in Nyanza District to be good citizens, to love their country and support Ndumunyarwanda program for national unity and reconciliation.

(Rtd ) Lieutenant Mudenge Jean, one of the ex-combatants, standing in front of their cooperative building, “Twisungane Nyabivumu Cooperative”, located in Nyabivumu village in Bugesera District.  The information was captured on 27th, Oct. 2020.

One of the members of Umoja ni Nguvu Rwanda Cooperative, explains how the Cooperative operates in their area in Nyanza village in Busasamana Sector, Nyanza District. The activity took place on 28th, Oct.2020.

One of the disabled ex-combatants (Rtd Cpl) Gasirikale Alex poses for a photo after the assessment activity held at Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants estates in Kicukiro District on 26thOct.2020

In the picture are disabled ex-combatants who reside at their Bihinga  estates in Nyabihu District . The picture was captured during the house occupancy assessment activity on 22nd , Oct. 2020.

A garden for disabled ex-combatants housed in Rugende estates,  in Rusororo Sector in Gasabo District. The garden has helped beneficiaries in terms of food nuitrients and social economic develoment.

    Disabled ex-combatants voices:

(Rtd) Lieutenant Mudenge Jean Bosco from Bugesera District in the Eastern Province lauded the RDRC and the government in particular for effective reintegration of ex-combatants in the community. He said his comrades have benefited from the Commission in terms of social-economic development. "We have excelled in agricultural farming supported by RDRC, and this has enabled us reduce poverty within our families", he said.

(Rtd) Cpl. Micyombero Habineza from Bihinga disabled ex-combatants site in Rubavu District in the Western Province hailed the Commission for constructing houses for the ex-combatants. He said with good shelter their families now live decent lives. He also thanked the Commission for the economic support given to them though he said the progress was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Umwari Agnes, a dependant from Birembo sector in Nyabihu District lauded the Commission for reintegrating her family well in the community. She says the Commission has economically supported her family to improve its welfare. “Our thanks go to the Commission. We highly appreciate the way you care for us. You have empowered us economically", she said.

(Rtd) Private Jean Claude Niringirimana from the Sector of Save in Huye District in the Southern Province echoed similar sentiments. He hailed the RDRC and the government of Rwanda for effective reintegration of beneficiaries. He says the Commission built for him a decent house in which he lives with his family of five.

(Rtd) Lieutenant Ntamakemwa Clement from Busasamana Sector in Nyanza District thanked the Commission for organizing an assessment meeting for ex-combatants. He says it helped them to work hard towards holistic development.

(Rtd) Cpl Silvestre Uwambaza from Taba Village in Huye District says he was hit by the Covid -19 pandemic, he requests the Commission to help him get farm land.

(Rtd) Private Ruzindana Emmanuel from Nyagatare District in the Eastern Province commends the government for giving ex-combatants extra -care. He appeals to all ex-combatants country-wide to support government programs for the sake of human development.

Rtd (Sgt) Celestin Twiringiyimana, from the City of Kigali appreciates what the Commission does for the ex-combatants. He also thanks the Commission for the economic support it offers to the ex-combatants.

Notably, the Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration Commission has continued to implement program activities aimed at improving the well-being of disabled and chronically ill ex-combatants through providing them with shelter, economic support, medical care and monthly subsistence allowances. The initiative has therefore improved the livelihoods of beneficiaries.

The RDRC Chairperson, Madam Nyirahabineza Valerie talks to one of the disabled ex-combatants in Karongi District in the Western Province on 22nd, October 2020.