Patriotic a key to success- Brig.Gen. Bagabo

The RDRC Commissioner, Brigadier General John Bagabo has told both members of Ex-Armed Groups and their dependents who are under-going Pre-discharge Orientation Program lessons at Mutobo Demobilization Centre to be patriotic for the sake of national peace and development.

Brig. Gen. Bagabo said this on 6th October 2020 to over 600 members of Ex-Armed Groups and their dependents hosted at the Centre.

“Love your country. This will enable you live a decent life", said Bagabo. He also told the Ex-combatants to get up and work towards improving their livelihoods. He urged them to support government programs in order to enhance the existing peace and development.  He advised them to be disciplined and focus on what would grant them a bright future. He further urged them to be good Rwandans who are prepared to preach a message of hope and unity among Rwandans.

He made a call to those who remained holed up in the jungles of Democratic Republic of Congo to lay down their arms and repatriate back home. He also made a call to Ex-Armed Groups to sensitize those who remained languishing in the jungles of DR Congo to return back home.

"Tell those who remained holed up in the jungles of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to repatriate. They are being kept a hostage for no reason.  They should therefore put to halt un necessary wars and rejoin fellow Rwandans to rebuild your country", he added.

For her part the Chairperson of RDRC Madam Valerie Nyirahabineza, echoed similar sentiments, urging members of Ex-Armed Groups to be disciplined so that they can be effectively reintegrated in the community.

She remarked that the government of Rwanda loves her subject so much, and that is why it has put in place good programs for empowering all Rwandans in the community.

She adds that the Commission will keep working around the clock to see that all her beneficiaries are reintegrated effectively in their community of return.


Mr. Fred Nyamurangwa, the RDRC Commissioner told the ex-combatants to always thank God for having enabled them to return back home after very many years of suffering from the jungles of DR Congo. He advised them to be God fearing and practice what the bible says for the sake of living a harmonious life.

Members of ex-combatants, women and children (Dependants) listen to RDRC officials lectures at Mutobo Demobilization Centre on 6th, October,2020.


Voices of Ex-Armed Groups:

(Rtd) Brig. Gen Mberabahizi David, aged 56, applauds the RDRC officials for conveying good messages. He says the messages were so educative and inspiring. He pledged to support government programs for the sake of national peace and development. He went on tothank the government in particular for liberating him from FDLR wings which he claims had kept him a hostage for so long.  

(Rtd) Col. Gatabazi Joseph echoed similar sentiments. He said he will support government programs once he returns back to the community. "I have admired the RDRC lectures. There are so interesting, once I return back to the community I will practice what I was taught", said Gatabazi.


(Rtd) Major, Sindikubwabo Cyprien hails the government of national unity for consolidating peace and stability in the Great lakes Region. He said the government treats all Rwandans the same.  “We have all discovered that our country is so lovely and peaceful. It treats all Rwandans the same and does not discriminate them", he said.

The RDRC Commissioner Brig. Gen. John Bagabo lecturing members of Ex-Armed Groups at Mutobo Demobilization Centre on 6th, October 2020.