Miss Rwanda, Naomie Nishimwe offers 1,000 masks to disabled ex-combatants.

Disabled ex-combatants receive 1000 masks from Miss Rwanda.

Disabled ex-combatants from Nyarugunga settlement site received one thousand masks from Miss Rwanda, Naomie Nishimwe to enable them fight Covid- 19 pandemic. The event that took place on 24th, June 2020 at Nyarugunga in Kicukiro District was graced by the RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali Brig. Gen. Bagabo John.

In his opening remarks, the RDRC Commissioner in charge of the City of Kigali, Brig. Gen. John Bagabo hailed Noamie Nishimwe for delivering masks to disabled ex-combatants. He said it was timely for disabled ex-combatants to receive adquate masks which will prevent them from contracting COVID 19 pandemic. He told the ex-combatants to take the advantage and use the masks well to prevent themselves from the pandemic.


For her part, Miss Naomie said the masks delivered to disabled ex-combatants will enable them continue the fight against Covid -19 pandemic.  She urged them to use the masks well and prevent themselves from a dangerous pandemic which has killed masses across the world. She advised disabled ex-combatants to be vigilant so as to save their dear lives.

She also took the opportunity to thank them for staging a fight to liberate the country. She said it was a good cause for them to fight and liberate the country. "I take this grand opportunity to thank you for the efforts you rendered to liberate this country. It was a noble cause to fight and liberate our country from a tyrannical regime. I thank you for restoring peace and stability", Naomie said.

 She urged disabled ex-combatants to continue with the same spirit of patriotism to make sure that the peace they fought for is not derailed.

One of the disabled ex-combatants, who acts as their leader, (Rtd) Private Sakindi Adolphe, lauded Miss Rwanda for the initiative. He said the disabled ex-combatants were happy to receive masks from her, and pledged to use them well as per ministry of Health guide lines. He noted that all the guide lines will be followed to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.

Disabled ex-combatants pose for a group photo with Miss Rwanda Naomie Nishimwe ( Middle) accompanied by Brig. Gen. Bagabo John, RDRC staff and well-wishers gathered at Nyarugunga disabled ex-combatants site on 24th, June 20120.

Miss Rwanda Naomie Nishimwe, (Right) carries masks to disabled ex-combatants housed at Nyarugunga disabled settlement site. The event took place on 24th June 2020.