The RDRC in partnership with ZIGAMA CSS offer to Disabled Ex-combatants funds for Social Protection.

The RDRC in conjunction with ZIGAMA CSS gave funds to disabled ex-combatants to help them cope up with life, according to the RDRC Secretary General, Mr. Francis Musoni . The SG said the funds were a contribution to Montly Subsistance Allowances (MSA) which were given to disabled ex- combatants category 1-4 in an attempt to help them in these difficult days of staying at home, as a result of Corona virus Covid 19. "Each disabled ex-combatant was given 10,000Rfw which they received on their accounts on 10th, April 2020, in addition to MSA which was offered to them in April 2020", Musoni announced. On the part of the disabled ex- combatants, the donation was timely in these hard times of Corona virus as said by Mr. John Ndekezi, the leader of disabled ex- combatants housed in Nyarugunga settlement site. He appreciated the donation given to beneficiaries as a good gesture in these difficult time of Corona virus . Also, Joseph Sabena, another disabled ex- combatant from Rugende welcomed the good news. He said the funds will help them improve their welfare. In addition, Beseruka John a beneficiary from Muyumbu settlement site in Rwamagana District echoed similar sentiments.  He said the funds will help them in these difficult times. He  lauds the Commission for effective  protection of  ex- combatants in these difficult days of the pandemic.